Edge 180 (2 Doses)

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Product Overview

EDGE 180™ contains a source of CBD (from Broad Spectrum Hemp) to support a healthy nervous system, balanced behavior, mental alertness and relaxation (without drowsiness). EDGE 180™ also contains active ingredients to help coat/soothe the stomach to aid in suppressing abrasive stomach acid from causing irritation/upset.

What is Broad Spectrum Hemp?
Broad Spectrum Hemp contains the whole hemp plant including naturally occurring CBD, with THC removed. Cannabinoids and plant compounds found in broad spectrum hemp create synergism where they work together to complement each other, offering a greater impact on health conditions.

It is also known to help to stimulate the brain's Endocannabinoid system which effects a multitude of physiological functions to help maintain homeostasis (stable internal environment) as well as helps support a natural inflammatory response to help aid in discomfort associated with daily exercise and activity.

Benefits of Broad Spectrum Hemp (with naturally occurring CBD):
• Balanced Behavior • Homeostasis
• Mental Alertness • Natural Inflammatory Response
• Relaxation (without drowsiness)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review